The NGOs are most needed in Sikkim to keep up the development projects, but now they are no longer about a dynamic socially committed group of people attracting and deploying funds. Most of them are also developing professional management teams to run their daily operations. This is vastly different from the earlier NGO model of centralized decision-making that was usually dependent on a charismatic founder or a committed charity organization. 

To empower the NGOs by the most innovative way, Sudesh Kumar Foundation has launched its extensive services in 2006. In the last couple of years, it has successfully implemented mandates within the NGOs sector, catering to nonprofit organizations across nationwide, ranging from reputed funding organizations to grassroot NGOs.

Sudesh Kumar Foundation have a strong visibility in NGO sector because of it's established track record. It operates as an extended resource arm of the grassroot organizations and has an in-depth understanding of NGOs' requirements. 

Ozg in partnership with Sudesh Kumar Foundation offers FREE advisory services as well as professional services exclusively to grassroot NGOs, which are registered with the NGO registry [w: ngoregistry.com ] in most of developing countries

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